The Nerone was designed in symmetrical angular proportions centred around an iconic front metal bar.


The Nerone is made of Mazzucchelli HX cellulose acetate, stronger and less subject to temperature variation compared to standard acetate. This high-quality frame is necessary to support the sophisticated mechanisms of the internal modular structure.


The Nerone mounts our SOLIDUS 1 hinge, custom-made to support the complex internal mechanism and perfectly blend with its bold design. The S1 hides the main screw of the hinge and is the convergence point of our interlocking construction system. It allows the anti reflective lenses to be locked firmly into the structure.


The chiave di volta (keystone) is a wedge-shaped stone at the apex of an arch that locks the whole structure together and bears its weight. In the Nerone the keystone is the nose component, which supports its modular structure and connects it to the holding system of the lenses. 


The nose component, as with the chiave di volta, is the final piece inserted into the frame.. It exerts a balanced containment force that allows us to arrange elements within an interlocked structure, respecting Lorico’s Utilitas standards.


The architrave is a horizontal architectural element that distributes forces within a construction. The design of the Nerone frame is inspired by its perfect proportions.

This solution is based on the golden ratio, a universal relationship of symmetry and harmony between elements of a system that allows the Nerone to fully respect our Venustas standards.


A skeleton frame is a structure used for the construction of multi-storey buildings. It is composed of a system of columns that support the interior floors and exterior walls by carrying weight to the foundations. 

The components of our creations are interlocked rather than welded, following a skeleton frame template. This provides solidity to the structure and reduces the movement of acetate over time, respecting Lorico’s Firmitas standards.