The SENECA was designed in symmetrical angular proportions centred around an iconic half moon mechanism. This refined piece is a contemporary interpretation of the classic round design.


The Seneca is made of Mazzucchelli HX cellulose acetate, stronger and less subject to temperature variation compared to standard acetate. This high-quality frame is necessary to support the sophisticated mechanisms of the internal modular structure.


The Seneca mounts our SOLIDUS 2 hinge, custom made to support the complex internal mechanism and blend perfectly with its embracing design 

The S2 hides the main screw of the hinge and is the convergence point of our modular construction system. It locks an internal “half moon” frameless mechanism, allowing the anti reflective lenses to be inserted into the structure without any visible support.


The catena (tie rod) is a slender structural metal element used to firmly lock any structure by carrying its tensile stress. In the SENECA, it is the component that bridges the hinges with the frame. 

The catena serves as the focal convergence point for our modular structure by exerting a balanced containment force between the elements. This unique assembly technique binds together all the mechanical systems, allowing us to fully respect our Utilitas standards.


Roman aqueducts proved durable and reliable, with some maintained into the early modern era and a few still partly in use. The methods of construction centred around the golden ratio relationship,as noted by Vitrivius in his De Architectura. 

The design of the Seneca is inspired by their shapes and perfect proportions, in full respect of our Vetusta standards. 


A skeleton frame is a structure used for the construction of multi-storey buildings. It is composed of a system of columns that support the interior floors and exterior walls by carrying weight to the foundations