Lorico is where tradition meets innovation, where highly specific skills and expertise combine into timeless creations. We blend the unparalleled mastery of Venetian eyewear artisans with an attitude for creating novelty.


Lorico is inspired by the Latin word Lorica, an iconic shield of the Ancient Romans. A symbol of their innovative spirit, the Lorica combined custom metal elements into an extraordinarily resistant yet light armour. Valuing tradition whilst integrating progress is the same spirit we share at Lorico.


We believe creation exists as the search for balance between opposing forces. Lorico is the convergence of equilibriums into a framework of aesthetic harmony and mechanical perfection.


The earliest historical references to sunglasses date back to the Roman Emperor Nero, who watched gladiators compete in the arena through polished green emeralds.


The construction of a Lorico piece draws on Vitrivus' "De architectura", long considered the founding work of architectural theory. Vitrivus posited that perfect construction must contain three attributes:

Firmitas - Utilitas - Venustas


All the components we produce interlock harmonically into refined creations.


Building extremely solid spectacles that maintain a surprisingly low weight is only possible by managing construction space with the utmost precision and creativity.


Our creations are built with a non-welded metal framework inserted into high quality HX acetate. This provides structural stability, avoiding any weak points in the construction.