Lorico creations are the convergence between past and present, where mechanical precision meets the highest level of craftsmanship. Our system of interlocked components allows us to produce elements independently, to the highest of quality, but requires unique savoir-faire to exist.


In Veneto, exactly in Valdobbiadene resides the true art of creating eyewear. Artisanal tradition and mechanical innovation blend into a world of unparalleled crafting excellence. 


Our creations are inspired by the aesthetic beauty and mechanical perfection of architectural principles from the Ancient Roman era. Custom microcomponents are assembled systematically within high quality HX cellulose acetate to create timeless pieces.


We aim to redefine excellence by achieving the highest level of quality in every aspect of production, crossing industrial boundaries to integrate sector-specific expertise into our creations. To do so, we partner with the most skilled and experienced suppliers worldwide.